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 Summer Opportunities
for Gifted Kids

NAGC is pleased to provide a listing of summer programs, summer camps, enrichment programs, academic programs and special schools*.


*Listings do not imply nor carry an endorsement from NAGC. Please contact the individual, camp or organization directly for more information on their program.

To search for summer programs, go to the NAGC Resource Directory.

For further reading on how to choose a summer program, the NAGC recommends the following articles:

How to Choose a Summer Program 

In order to match the interests, abilities, and developmental needs of your child to the opportunities offered by traditional recreational camps, athletic camps, and academic programs, you need to spend some time thinking about what you want for your child. Be sure to give your child the opportunity to talk about the kinds of activities that he or she finds fun, engaging, and rewarding. If you and your child decide that an academic summer program would be a good experience, here are several factors to consider . . . [read the full article]

Questions to Ask when researching a summer camp:   

With the summer season just around the corner, parents and kids alike are beginning to think about how they may spend a portion of their time off. Will it be summer camp this year? Once you have decided on an appropriate option for your youngster, you will need to make sure that the facilities, environment, personnel, and camp philosophy are also suited to your child's needs. Here are some questions to ask . . . [read the full article]

Summer Camps: An Opportunity for exploration, focus, and/or fun?:

What's the best way for your child to spend and enjoyable and satisfying summer? At the National Association for Gifted Children, we find that children are able to best develop their potential in an environment that offers experiences suited to individual needs. That's why it's worth searching for a proper fit. It's obvious that not all children thrive under the same circumstances. Well-matched and appropriate educational programs give children opportunities to develop their talent potential, and the summer months can provide powerful learning options that extend well beyond regular classroom fare . . . [read the full article]


To search for summer programs, go to the NAGC Resource Directory.

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