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NAGC 2010-2015 Vision and Strategic Framework

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2013-14 Leadership Initiatives 

In September 2009, the NAGC Board of Directors, association editors, and staff met to explore a desired future for the field, for NAGC, and ultimately for gifted and talented learners. The NAGC Board affirmed the spirit of its vision and yet acknowledged how much more must be done to have the public understand why giftedness and high potential should be valued and supported. This conversation helped set the stage for an audacious goal on national leadership and a bold dream for America’s renaissance.

What follows helps to articulate NAGC’s strategic direction and priority setting for the foreseeable future.

Mission:  To nurture potential giftedness and develop diverse talents

Vision:  Giftedness and high potential in youth are recognized, universally valued, actively supported and developed.

We Value:  

  • Individual differences and multiple perspectives
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Excellence and equity
  • Integrity and credibility
  • Research-based decisions and practices 

1. Our Compelling Goal for Leadership

NAGC is the leader in establishing that schools are the place where children with great promise -- regardless of background -- are guaranteed the resources and variety of educational settings they need to achieve at the highest levels.

  • NAGC wants to spark a national movement for renewing America by realizing the potential of children with great promise.
  • NAGC will convene a summit with well known thinkers and innovators in a variety of domains and disciplines and with leaders who have a stake in what will be referred to as a national “renaissance” to define this connection between giftedness and the national interest.
  • NAGC will lead in shaping the development of policies that support promising learners from all backgrounds, including initiatives aimed at ensuring funding levels are tied to the percentage of gifted students in the overall student population, and will help political and education leaders understand what can be gained for the nation when all students with promise receive the support they need to succeed. 
  • NAGC will reach out to potential partners to support its advocacy efforts. (eg  21st century skills movement, STEM, innovation and creativity champions) (mid term and beyond) 
  • NAGC will educate members about the power of this leadership priority through the convention, publications and the website. (incorporate into convention planning for 2010) To this end, NAGC will also develop a broad based pool of prepared and committed leaders.

By 2015, NAGC expects to have defined what children of great promise need to achieve at the highest levels. Innovation will be defined within the context of STEM and other content areas. Other education areas will incorporate this priority into their goals. NAGC will have brought new players into this public campaign connecting giftedness and high potential youth to the renewal of our country. America will understand that we are all considerably more in this country and in our leadership in the world when we support children with great promise.

2. Our Compelling Goal to Create Influence and Change

NAGC influences strategic change by anticipating significant trends, identifying essential partners and developing relationships to create synergy for nurturing high potential youth.

  • NAGC will continuously monitor significant trends and emerging issues and use this foresight to define the future direction for the field and the association. 
  • NAGC will leverage its power and influence through a strategy of identifying and collaborating with essential partners who are gatekeepers and influencers in supporting high potential youth  NAGC will increase public awareness by building organizational identity and by consistently defining and refining key messages that are also relevant to changing societal issues for use with the media, the public, elected officials, and other national organizations.

By 2015, NAGC will be highly skilled in identifying and leading the response to key trends and issues in learning and education that are relevant to high potential students. NAGC will find itself in the enviable position of having many different groups that want to work with and support the association. NAGC will be seen as one of the best channels for individuals and groups that want to effect change around high ability youth. NAGC will have the influence and allies to be at the table for important decisions shaping the future of education.

3. Our Compelling Goal for Expertise and Excellence

NAGC develops the expertise inside and outside gifted education so that parents and all professionals have the knowledge and skills to support high potential youth.

  • The driving forces creating the demand for this expertise include the requirements of the Higher Education Act, the forthcoming reauthorization of the Elem & Secondary Education Act, NCATE standards, INTASC standards revisions, and state professional regulations and licensure.
  • NAGC will work to support the field and gifted learners by increasing the usage of NAGC standards by key stakeholder groups.
  • NAGC will be prepared to disseminate materials to associations representing content areas and key education leadership positions about how to address the needs of high-ability students in general education standards and forums.   (note:  this is similar to the work being done under 3A; in THIS case, however, one strategy would be to work with NCATE to support SPAs as they revise their standards; NCATE’s new requirements are that revised SPA standards should address GT students as part of the learning environment focus of NCATE Unit Standard 1)
  • NAGC will engage and educate new audiences by leveraging electronic and  social learning media.
  • NAGC will continue to enhance its position as trusted provider of high quality publications and content

By 2015, NAGC will have differentiated expertise resources for a wide range of roles within education. NAGC will channel this expertise into the variety of ways that teachers are trained in high quality programs. Expertise and excellence is generating significant and diversified resources for the association. Membership is growing because NAGC offers great value to many new people engaged in educating high potential youth. In fact, people in other fields are becoming clients for this expertise. 

4. Our Compelling Goal for Organizational Effectiveness 

NAGC has significantly augmented and aligned financial, human and product resources so that the organization can be more nimble and effective in responding to opportunities and innovation, and meeting member needs.

  • NAGC will find new revenue streams by providing new services and publications and marketing these to a broader audience outside our own traditional constituents.
  • NAGC will align the Networks, Committees and Task Forces to the organization’s strategic goals and eliminate overlapping responsibilities and charges.
  • NAGC will create an infrastructure to support fundraising that may include a new (c)(3) organization with a board, grant writer and other dedicated fundraising staff.
  • NAGC will be vigilant about embracing and utilizing new technologies and training staff and volunteers to execute the priorities adopted in this strategic framework.
  • NAGC will commit to staying close to member needs by developing a set of key metrics and ongoing surveys for evaluating and strengthening organizational effectiveness.
  • NAGC will maintain a high profile conference in tough economic times.
  • NAGC will maximize resources through the use of effective technology, efficient database management and other administrative support to ensure that staff and members have efficient access to services and information.

By 2015, NAGC will have an articulated set of organizational committees, networks, task forces with a clear mission and charge relating to this strategic plan. They will effectively use virtual meetings, conference calls and other collaborative technologies. NAGC will have broadened participation and sales in an expanded line of products and services. Moreover, NAGC will have garnered the grant funds to have a greater impact on nurturing potential giftedness and developing diverse talents. The NAGC budget will be in the black and reflect this greater capacity to act on opportunities and innovations.