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Editor’s Note

Dr. Jennifer L. Jolly

Summer seems to be an opportune time for children to develop interest in a talent that the school year doesn’t yield time for or to delve more deeply into a subject or topic already kindled. Often this also is an occasion to interact with peers who share their interests or talent. For parents, Developing Talent in Young People (1985) by Benjamin Bloom, along with The Development of Giftedness and Talent Across the Life Span (2009) edited by Frances Degen Horowitz, Rena F. Subotnik, and Dona J. Matthews prove helpful in appreciating the complex development of talent. Parents are instrumental in the development of such talent regardless of the kind or type and whether as cheerleaders, taxi drivers, or financiers of such talent, parents’ roles change in accordance with the stage or phase of talent development. Wu’s article on Nobel Laureates in this issue of PHP echoes these same sentiments when parents’ nurturance of their child’s talent is examined.

Let’s not forget that summer is a time for sunscreen and sand, popsicles on insanely hot days, and time to relax and decompress not only as parents but also for our children to let loose and have fun. Until September, when we start it all over again . . .