Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom Book & CD-ROM

Author: J. Smutny, S. Walker, & E. Meckstroth
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing/1997
ISBN: 1-57542-327-8
Pages: 230

Audience: teachers, coordinators, administrators, & parents

Summary:  This book, written specifically for regular classroom teachers, provides expert advice and guidance about nurturing the gifts and talents of young students ages 4-9. Topics include identifying giftedness in young learners, creating environments supportive of all students, presenting curriculum in innovative ways, and evaluating products in authentic ways. Also provided are ways to compact curriculum in specific subject areas such as math, science, language arts, and social studies. The authors close with practical examples, references, and an extensive resource section expressly aimed at young gifted learners.

**Companion CD also available!**


Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Identifying the Young Gifted Child
  • Chapter 2 - Creating the Learning Environment
  • Chapter 3 - Compacting the Curriculum and Extending Learning
  • Chapter 4 - Promoting Creativity, Discovery, and Critical Thinking in the Social Studies Curriculum
  • Chapter 5 - Promoting Imagination int he Language Arts Curriculum
  • Chapter 6 - Promoting Discovery and Higher-Level Thinking in Math & Science
  • Chapter 7 - Assessing and Documenting Development
  • Chapter 8 - Cluster Grouping to Help All Children Learn Cooperatively
  • Chapter 9 - Building Partnerships With Parents
  • Chapter 10 - Understanding and Meeting Children's Social and Emotional Needs
  • Chapter 11- Meeting the Needs of Children from Diverse Populations
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A - Tests for Identifying Young Gifted Children
  • Appendix B - More Resources for Teachers
  • Appendix C - Sources for Gifted Education Materials

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