Competitions for Talented Kids

Author: F. Karnes & T. Riley
Publisher: Prufrock Press/2005
ISBN: 1593631561
Pages: 245

Audience:  Parents, Students, Teachers, Gifted Coordinators, School Counselors

Summary:  In this completely revised and expanded edition, students will find a treasure trove of information on selecting, entering, and competing in national contests. The book also features complete information on who to contact, how to enter, prizes, judging criteria, contest origin, significant dates, and tips from the contest organizers themselves. Competitions for Talented Kids is a resource beyond compare. From contests in general science and mathematics, to classical literature and art, this book offers students a listing of competitions in almost any talent area.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 - List of Competitions
  • Part 2 - Competitions Journal
  • Part 3 - Resources


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